Friday, 28 November, 2008

A worried Daughter

Hello - I spoke with my father who is currently in Mumbai last night. He was suppose to be travelling today (Thursday) and planned to call me however, I have not heard any news nor am I able to get in touch with him. I am very worried. If someone could call him and let me know if he is safe, it would be greatly appreciated. His name is Sultan Ghani, his mobile number is 91-998-730-3524.

Thank you,
Arshia Ghani
Montreal, Canada


*Aham* said...


tried your dads number.. It is switched off. Would try again...

Btw, do you have an alternate number for him.

In Spirit of kindness :)

Kushal said...

We muslims need to take the lead and denounce terrorism that is a stain.

We need to make it clear we DO NOT support these terrorists who use our name for such attacks!

We need to help those with legitimate claims to prevent terrorism from breeding.