Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Join Me In A Thank-A-Thon... 6months after 26/11


6 mths hv passd now.. and the wounds have not healed.

While the affected are reeling in terror. Some of us are getting amnesic, We thanked them, screamed slogans... and forgot... and found an easy excuse in our busy schedules.

Today is the Day.

Lets thank the saviours!

Join me as i walk the THANK-A-THON fm V.T. to cama, taj,colaba police,trident and oberoi...

Ill set off fm V.T. At 8ish. Join me??

Call me. 9833100340.

(carry just pure heartfelt gratitude with u, why carry flowers that will dry and die?)

if you cant join me... just do one thing... pick up your phone... and call

Here is a list of numbers that I have published here. 



You dont need an opportune time to call and tell them that you love the fact that they helped protect you and your city? do you...

Dont think twice... just call them up and let them know that you love them for what they have given our city.