Monday, 22 December, 2008

Pray For Sheru! Salute Sheru the HERO

According to the recent high court ruling... all NUISANCE stray dogs will be killed. A dog barking incessantly, would amount to "nuisance". (Are we making a grave mistake?)

When Terrorist Ajmal rammed in to CST and fired indiscriminately; unable to bear the sound of the bullet shots, even dogs ran off CST station. Sheru stood there and barked, barked and barked... even after being hit by bullets. He is now recuperating in the ICU of the animal hospital, being treated for the bullets that he braved.

Join me in my prayers for him. He has done a lot for humankind, that humans would also be scared to.

But with the recent ruling on culling of strays.. I wonder though..

what if sheru is picked up by BMC to be culled one day for barking?

(Hu)ManKind!... (Hu)Man are we.. But how kind?

I recollect that I did receive a call (via Mumbai Terror Helpline) by some kind soul who asked me for the number of  NGOs  for stray dogs and narrated the story of a stray dog screaming at the terrorist until he was shot by the rascal. I donot remember who the kind soul was and I have not stored the number. If you are the person. Please call me, such noble work should be communicated to more people through the media. Please dont shy. You set an example of empathy. Please come out and inspire us. 

Thursday, 18 December, 2008

“EQUIPPED TO HEAL” Workshop: a MUST-ATTEND for all those who want to help

What do you do when you see an injured person?

Run for the doctor… Panic…??? Isn't it?

You could do much more… by providing emergency first aid.

Well, millions of us who watched the carnage on TV were helpless and wanted to do something.

Here is a chance. Make best of it


Dr. Desai from ARC INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SERVICES will give us a live demonstration on first aid and CPR.

By getting trained in providing First Aid you will be able to Act Promptly and help victims with emergency first aid whenever there is any calamity. If hospitals get crowded and short of staff. You could fill in for providing very basic first aid that doesn't require a medical degree but know-how, agility and empathy.


Special Session with Animal Angels: a group that makes use of the power of animals to heal emotional scars and also to add cheer to our lives.

Animal Angels Foundation is offering Animal Assisted Activity for those affected by the Mumbai Terror Blasts and for those who wish to know about and use the healing effect of animals to assist other people.

Animal Assisted Therapy is the use of trained therapy animals in counseling. Animal Angels has a team of psychologists and counselors who along with trained therapy animals will help the trauma victims to overcome post trauma stress.

How will attendee benefit?

A comforting hug from a dog is one way of letting out your pent up stress. This is called Animal Assisted Therapy. Animals are unconditional and their touch is soothing. Most of the time people in trauma or in a state of shock don't want to talk as they re experience the trauma. With animals you do not need to talk. Even if you hug the therapy dog, it provides you immense comfort and reassurance. It also helps in catharsis or venting out of emotions. A person may cry on hugging the dog as it releases the emotions locked up inside. An animal will not judge you for what you do or say, hence providing a very open environment to express oneself.

Much cant be said… Witness and Experience the magic unfold. Participate!

When: Sunday, 21 December 2008
At: 8:00 am – 02:00 pm
Venue: Moot court, Floor#2, National College {GJ Advani Law College}, Bandra, Bombay.
How to reach: National College is located at 20 minutes walkable distance from Bandra Station (West), you could rick it down from the station. If you are Coming by road: the institute is located at linking road, Bandra.
Is there a cost attached for these workshop: Yes, we need a hug. Remember to give that us before you leave. And be present for both the workshops.

Next Step?

Our friend from Bombay Clicks and Mam Movies would help us get a meeting with the police commissioner. So that we could tell him about the fact that we will be there to help the police in times of adversity by providing quick medical assistance.

I would be speaking to my media friends and will ask them to inform us of any tragic incidence that needs our assistance.

I would just give my number to them and would send chain sms's to all in the group.

We shall call this group "Group All Proactive" or GAP.

Thursday, 11 December, 2008

Jai Ho Radio Ki!

Radio Announcements were made on 2 radio stations.

Many thanks to the Fever 104 FM, Dhinchak Morning team who aired my request for a venue to conduct this activity.

Thanks Medha (Producer), Thanks Sid (RJ), Thanks Rohini (RJ) and Thanks Shalaka (listner) for responding to this request on Fever and joining in.

Thank You Red FM for airing my appeal for people to join in. Thanks Neeil (RJ), Thanks Nahed (Producer), Thanks Jigar(Producer)... RED FM 93.5. Bajaate Raho!


There is immense fear psychosis. There is a need for professional psychotherapists who could offer free voluntary service. Please send in your details to me at or call/text me at +91 9833100340

  • Sharon, a psychotherapist is happy to offer her services on sundays. Her email is Thanks Sharon.
  • Bijal Maru, a doctor Cum health psychologist has just sent me an email saying that she would like to help, she could be contacted at Thanks Bijal
  • Raj, intimated me via sms that he would like to offer free therapy and/or counselling, he is contactable at Thanks Raj
  • Pranita Sharma, a Clinical Psychologist sent an email saying that she would like to help with respect to post trauma counseling. She can be contacted at Thanks Pranita. (updated by priti)


God Bless you for being there for Bombay.

We need more psychotherapists. please join in. Please Help Bombay regain her confidence.

(date stamp changed from 2/12/08 to 5/12/08 to 11/12/08)

Wednesday, 10 December, 2008

Trauma Centre @ Jaslok

Jaslok Hospital has set up a Trauma Counselling Centre (TCC) to help people deal with the situation. For Details Contact 66573333 / 66573010.

Saturday, 6 December, 2008

Voice Your Views To Millions Through The Media

We can feel the wrath against certain sections of the media that have reported the terror attacks at TAJ live which inturn couldve resulted in the terrorists receiving information, and further sabotaging the efforts. But besides criticism we need to understand that they are a very important tool to dispense information.
Just a few minutes ago, I got a call from a leading news channel who wanted to give mumbai a platform to speak. If you want to air your views. Just leave a comment here with your email. You could also send me an sms at +91 9833100340.

(The media professional has requested me to not share the name of the TV channel as they are still in the planning stage)

Friday, 5 December, 2008

Art of Living - Trauma Care

In the aftermath of the terror attacks, the Art of Living Foundation is offering free trauma relief workshops for Mumbaikars from December 1st, 2008. These sessions will be conducted in South and Central Mumbai and are open to all.

The three day, one hour a day modules will focus on helping citizens of Mumbai to cope with from the after effects of the trauma and return to a calmer state of mind.

Helpline numbers: +91-9821620948, +91-9967477004, +91-9820612152

You can view the schedule of sessions at
They are also currently providing online counseling at

Besides that Sri Sri will conduct a special prayer, pranayama and meditation session for all Mumbaikars at Priyadarshini Park & Sports Complex, Nepean Sea Road on Dec. 6 at 6:30 pm.

St. George and GT Hospital Updates.

A volunteer friend Gaurav, spoke to both the hospitals..

GT hospital: patients are going to be shifted to JJ. They said that they have already received a lot of help.

St George: They are overstocked. as well.

JJ: Overstocked...

Empathy flows. (Rather Overflows!)

Animal Angels! Offer to Help

Animals have a great power to heal wounds. I called up Minal from the organization following a common a comment on this blog. She would be happy to help. I have received a lot of calls from those who sounded psychologically affected (adversely), but were not so open for psychological help. we need to take help to them.

Thanks to the help offered by Gaurav from Wadala, we are speaking to educational institutes in the dadar/matunga area for their help. If they could give us some space in their premises to carry out therapy programmes., it will be wonderful. Do you know of someone in this area??? if you do, please let us know.

Thursday, 4 December, 2008

Visit to JJ

am Visiting JJ hospital NOW to find out personally if there is any help that we could offer. Will post once I return. Please keep your eye balls glued to this space.

back from the hospital...
VOLUNTEERS: People in ward 11 confirmed that they have received a good response and many people have come and offered help.

MONETARY: have received many requests from NRIs who want to help. Tomorrow I am meeting Dr. Tayde at 11

FRUITS: people who have visited the hospital to help. One of the people I spoke to said "SMS mila tha unko"... So all you guys and gals who have sent chain mails/sms's... Thank You.. I will update you if any other help is needed.

(If at all you still happen to visit the hospital with a basket of fruits, i request you to give it to other patients who are needy but not necessarily terror victims)

BLOOD DONATION: the hospital is overstocked. The Doctor will call me if there is a need and I will update the blog then.

MEDIA MAGIC:Following (NDTV)Shai Venkataraman's sensitive coverage of the life of teh youngest terror survivor "sheetal"(a 3 month old child) the hospital has received a very good response from donors who offered financial assistance. I urge you to NOT simply turn anti-media, media is a powerful tool to incite change, in present times. I opine that we should encourage them with the same energy as we condemn them.


Help Needed at JJ Hospital!

Dear Bombay,

Thanks for rising to help in this time of distress.

Patients at JJ hospital need help.

HOW CAN YOU HELP: The patients need Fruits, Biscuits, Volunteers to help them fill forms.

An earnest request: Please don't crowd the place. It is a Hospital. Do your bit and leave.

Thanks Shai Venkataraman (NDTV) for your sensitive reporting and for calling me to let me know what assistance is needed now at JJ. God Bless you.

Wednesday, 3 December, 2008

Jhappi (HUGS) For Peace Within!

We would be today in Gateway of India at 6 pm IST,
touch our heart to yours.

Heart to Heart we will spread the message of peace.

We cannot afford a world in pieces.
We need one world in peace.

This might be trite,
But at this moment, this seems just right.

There is a lot of power in human touch.
Join us! lets touch others hearts with ours.

Lets Hug for peace within.
Lets Hug for peace within.

+91 9833100340 is my number, if you are around and want to join in.
Hug you.

Tuesday, 2 December, 2008

Post trauma Counseling: Masina Hospital

Masina Hospital has activated a 24-hour helpline number for distress callers.

Now, that the initial and acute shock has passed, the post-terror trauma will start sinking in. In the coming days they expect a large number of callers struggling to cope up. Their psychiatrists are already handling calls from foreigners, youngsters and parents of disturbed school children. Most of their callers are in the age group of 25-30. They are utterly traumatized, nervous, often in a state of denial. The symptoms of post-terror trauma are usually numbness, guilt, refusal to make an eye contact, refusal to speak to even loved ones and so on.

Masina Hospital - 24*7 free helpline number: 022-64507171

Trauma healing workshop

A three-day trauma healing workshop for citizens who want to help people affected by the recent terror attacks.

Place: Don Bosco, Matunga
Date: 5 to 7 December, 2008
Timings: 9am - 5.30 pm
Contact: 98704-72228

Source: Mumbai Mirror December 2, 2008

Monday, 1 December, 2008

A friend for you

Do you need anything? 

Are you trying to locate somebody? 

Are frantically trying to find details of your loved ones?

Is there any way we could help?

Do you just want to vent your frustration to a friend in this difficult time?

Or Do you wish to seek professional psychological counselling? 

We wish to see you well.

Feel free to text or call me (Harish Iyer) at +91 9833100340





lists (from different sources)

Mentioned below are the various lists. (Source: MUMBAI HELP blog)