Thursday, 4 December, 2008

Visit to JJ

am Visiting JJ hospital NOW to find out personally if there is any help that we could offer. Will post once I return. Please keep your eye balls glued to this space.

back from the hospital...
VOLUNTEERS: People in ward 11 confirmed that they have received a good response and many people have come and offered help.

MONETARY: have received many requests from NRIs who want to help. Tomorrow I am meeting Dr. Tayde at 11

FRUITS: people who have visited the hospital to help. One of the people I spoke to said "SMS mila tha unko"... So all you guys and gals who have sent chain mails/sms's... Thank You.. I will update you if any other help is needed.

(If at all you still happen to visit the hospital with a basket of fruits, i request you to give it to other patients who are needy but not necessarily terror victims)

BLOOD DONATION: the hospital is overstocked. The Doctor will call me if there is a need and I will update the blog then.

MEDIA MAGIC:Following (NDTV)Shai Venkataraman's sensitive coverage of the life of teh youngest terror survivor "sheetal"(a 3 month old child) the hospital has received a very good response from donors who offered financial assistance. I urge you to NOT simply turn anti-media, media is a powerful tool to incite change, in present times. I opine that we should encourage them with the same energy as we condemn them.


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Khushbu said...

Hey,good job.Keep it up.
Actuallu I had read in the newspaper about the help needed by the hospital.So me and one of my friend just thought of collecting some donation from the biotechnology department of our colg(since I am doin biotech).Couldnt make it in the whole college due to time constraints.
We werr planning to visit the hospital in the coming few days.My doubt was that are we supposed to contact any specific person out there??Or there would be volunteers for the same.

Waiting for your reply in anticipation.You can reply me on

I hope this bolg proves to be a success!!!!

Loads of hugs ;)