Tuesday, 17 March, 2009

26/11 survivor- 4 month old Vaishnavi Needs a Home.

Baby Vaishnavi needs a Home! she needs to connect with her relatives.

she is 4 months old and lost both her parents on 26/11 at VT.

she is presently looked after by her maid. But how long?

she needs to connect with her relatives soon. Please help her. Should you be in the media or have friends in the media... please i request you to do a story on her.

Lets find her relatives.

Thank you mayank sen, zubin driver for this information. They are aware of the child's whereabouts. Please contact me at 9833100340 and I shall direct you to them. Cant publish their numbers here.

REPOSTING FROM Fight Back's Facebook Group

Lilima Rai wrote
at 2:56pm yesterday
Hi All,
I have come across one of the youngest 26/11 victims. Vaishnavi, aged about 4mnths was only 15days old when her parents Samanya & Deepti were killed at the Gateway of India during the Mumbai mayhem.

She had stayed back at home with her caretaker-Reshma. Reshma, apparently din't know who to contact to find out the whereabouts of the other relatives of the deceased couple and kept the child with her.

She's been taking care of Vaishnavi since then & was in Hyd to meet a relative; when we came to know about all this. She works as a maid and is known to my maid in Hyd.

I have posted some pics of the baby and this woman here. The parents originally belonged to Gujrat, and had been staying at Virar area of Mumbai and were engaged in Sarees' business.

These are the only details we could get out of Reshma and Zubin along with us is taking it forward.

We urge you all to help us in whichever possible way to get the child united with her relatives, family.

Monday, 16 March, 2009

Hindustan Times Tags Along

This is an article that appeared in Hindustan Times on 15/03/2009. Thank you Kinjal and Hemant for this wonderful article.