Thursday, 1 July, 2010

Heart Surgery - Bombay ((tag: Health))

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From: Chandni Parekh

June 25, 2010
Subject: Need help for Hart volve Surgery

Mother of Sadanand Kadam (Sushila Kadam).need help for her heart volve surgery , her age 53 They had primary consultation with Surgeon Dr. Bhatnagar at Nanavati hospital. Surgery cost 1.75Lkhs, need to operate immediatly to save her live, Kadam from very low profile background.

Steps taken till now:

1)Had a prelimenery dignosis , except Angiography coz it will cost Rs.15,000/- cound not sufi 4 pre post report,medicin. 2) Pooled around Rs.36,000/- from their savings and from office colleagues.

Doctor advised that with this kind of seviority of patient , listed trust for help would not disburse fund for surgery .

How can a Sadanand gather 1.75 lkhs or get his mother's heart sergery totally free. because amount gathered not sufficient for pre post surgery even.

Deepak Kamat
9833053186 / 09819826793./9594332828