Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

Young animation film maker seeks financial support

Debanjan Nandy,  seeks financial support to join the National Film and Television School (NFTS), Beaconsfield, UK for an MA in Animation Film Direction. He's an NID alumnus, and has worked with Famous Studios (Mumbai), OGS Animation (Kolkata), Galloping Films (Australia), MTV (Mumbai) and UNICEF.
What follows is Deb's appeal. If you know anyone who might be able to help, do get in touch with Deb at
He'd be happy to mail you a pdf document with samples of his work.
This is a bit urgent, since Deb has to pay his fees by November 10. Would be glad if you could share this with your contacts at the earliest.

Appended below is a copy of his email.



Dear Ma'am/ Sir,


      I am Debanjan Nandy from Mumbai, India. I am an animation film maker and a graduate in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design (NID) - India's premier design institute. After graduation, I have worked professionally for four years on various projects with studios like Famous House of Animation, Famous Studios, Mumbai, OGS Animation (Kolkata) and Galloping Films (Australia), MTV (Mumbai) and UNICEF. Some of the projects included television commercials like Cadbury's, Tata Sky, Sony Pix, ICICI Prudential, UNICEF and many more and also on television series like Jonny Bravo. While creating animation for children in the areas of education and entertainment, awareness campaigns etc., I feel the need to undergo professional training in Animation Direction to convey my stories more effectively. Currently, I have secured a place among eight students in the world for a two year extensive course to learn the craft of Animation film Direction (MA in Animation Direction) at the National Film and Television School (NFTS), Beaconsfield, UK (


NFTS receives half its funding from the Government of UK – the Department of Culture, Media and Sport; and the other half from the Film and Television industry.  Therefore, it is part-private and part-public funded.  It is a higher education establishment providing post-graduate education.  It has been nominated as a Skillset Screen Academy and has a long standing reputation as UK's leading centre of excellence in Film and Television training.  The MA course is validated by the Royal College of Art, London. 


With my four years of industry experience, including days and nights of hardship, I am looking forward to learning a lot more in order to design great films. The expense of higher study at NFTS is huge (GBP 50,000 / INR 4,250,000). And with respect to the foreign exchange rates, the amount is massive and substantially high. Working hard to becoming a successful screen-storyteller is a dream, and I would like to proceed forward for education in such a prestigious school. I would be thankful to receive any kind of financial help, in the form of scholarships or grants from your institution/individuals that would help me sign up for the course successfully.


My course begins in January, and I need to pay my tuition fees by 10th of November 2009. I am looking for funding for my cost of living in the UK that can open a window to my tuition fees that the bank has agreed to give me as an educational loan. If I am granted a scholarship/grant/sponsorship to aid my higher education in UK, I aim to learn to direct good films to tell good stories to the world around, so as to elevate the value and quality of life. After completion of the course in Animation Direction, I look forward to work on educational programs for children to help them learn.


I would like to thank you for your precious time. I would be highly obliged if you can consider me for a scholarship/grant/funding.


Herein I attach the recommendation letters of two of my tutors at NID who are well-known figures in the animation film industry .Also is an attached files of few images from various projects that I have worked on. In case you would like to see more of my work, I will be glad to share it with you.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,
Debanjan Nandy.

Mobile: +91 98333 59569




Source: received an email from Chintan Girish Modi, Hijacked it, and posted it here.