Tuesday, 20 January, 2009

Be There at Vashi Station!

On saturday 24 January, GAP would be at Vashi Station outside the ticket counter at 6. 30 pm.We would be engaging in a "Hugs for Peace" Campaign with the railway authorities, the GRP, The police and random citizens...

The message we wish to propagate is that "We have NOT forgotten your contribution. You dont forget the date - 26/11".

Monday, 12 January, 2009

Disaster Management Sessions - Rise Up India

In tune with GAP's vision of forming a group of proactive altruists in times of disaster. Kaizad Bhamgara and his friends at Rise Up India have a ready module on Disaster Management.

This is a group of and intelligent young minds. We need to help the team take their modules to different institutes/organisations. If you are associated with any educational institution please contact Kaizad at riseup.india@gmail.com. You could also call me up at +919833100340.

To Join the FaceBook Group of Rise Up India! please click on the tab that says Great Initiatives on the side panel.

Sunday, 4 January, 2009

Ebullient Discussion on Terror Management @ SIES, Nerul

Attended a special session on "Terror Management" at SIES management school as one of the panelists bringing to the fore the effectiveness of new media. The students were spirited, and the discussion- highpowered. Would follow up with the institute to help the wonderful bunch of students from thought and talk to effective action. And I sincerely wish other instiitutes follow suit and engage in similar activities to give students a platform to speak up, charter a plan and execute it.

I spoke a little nervily towards the end of the discussion, overwhelmed that I was by emotions, hope I managed to walk out without offending anybody?