Wednesday, 3 December, 2008

Jhappi (HUGS) For Peace Within!

We would be today in Gateway of India at 6 pm IST,
touch our heart to yours.

Heart to Heart we will spread the message of peace.

We cannot afford a world in pieces.
We need one world in peace.

This might be trite,
But at this moment, this seems just right.

There is a lot of power in human touch.
Join us! lets touch others hearts with ours.

Lets Hug for peace within.
Lets Hug for peace within.

+91 9833100340 is my number, if you are around and want to join in.
Hug you.


Suchira said...

I went to Gateway of India on 3rd Dec and was so amazed by the overwhelming response of the youth of our country.

*Aham* said...

Yes Suchira, it was overwhelming a response. Now, just hope the flame stays on! Till it is on, there is a flicker of hope, that change is here.

"INDIAN" said...

Our India definately has a bright the youngsters have really proved that though they hang out at pizza corners....the Indian within them is still alive.....