Friday, 28 November, 2008

Fuck resilience. We Need Answers.

How the hell did these terrorists enter from the seas. ? can anyone enter like that, without being seen? WAO. (pun intended)How on earth did they walk so calmly with arms and that too, arm in arm?. Why did we buggers see them and not do anything… ? Did we think that the guns are toys from leo mattel?

We believe that Guests are god… don’t we… god damn id.

See their state, see them travel from the 5 star residence to the roofless sky…

Response to the stimuli Or reaction only when there is action…. We will not act… only react, isn’t it… How many bomb blasts, how many deaths, how many blemishes would it take for us to preempt terror… especially when there has been a spate of terror attacks? When will we wake from our sleep and when we will get up and scream.

We have been far too silent… and our act of cowardice and numbness is called “resilience”

I just saw an interview of Mr. prime Minister, who was reading a speech drafted by his secretary. He didn’t seem to believe in even one word or syllable of what he said. And would have thios been averted if it was some other politician like say an advani.…. NO. Terrorists have no religion.. And if there is something that politicious RELIGIOSLY work for, that is Poll agenda and personal propaganda. Does anything else matter?. I( hear that Advani and Manmohan singh are coming to Mumbai. WHY! Will they get the dead alive… ? will they change take some path breaking action… ?(But, There are no paths left now) Or do you want to tell us “the situation is under control< people are safe” WE are NOT safe… and you ministers will come for your show, and some freaking fools will get fooled and believe you care. (And what kind of people are these who get fooled… With no spine of their own)Politicions.

Politicos, We don’t want you to come to Bombay. We don’t need you. We can manage ourselves. You would come take a 1000 people for your security and leisure.

Be where you are.You will definitely get channels and papers to interview… Probably you could do a chroma shoot and then replace the backdrop to Marine Lines or Gateway of India. It is not about which politicion.. It is about attituude that forms the DNA of any Politician.

And No.,.. don’t feel sorry.

For that’s what we have been doing for long. Get up. Ask for real answers. Speak up Mumbai. Speak up Bombay. Let’s help our people, and our guests who came here to our beloved country.

I sweared that I will shed no tear until I wiped a hundred. But I cant help it.My heart is heavy. And I am in a pool of tears. Not because I fear or think that worst is yet to come. But Because…. I want to vent it out… and start a fresh to move on, and pick another call of distress. To speak hope and to say to myself. Your Loved one is safe. Your Loved one is safe. Your loved one is safe.

:(Aham (Harish)


Neeta Nair said...

The terrorists in high likelihood might actually start enjoying this game of brainstorming for more and more creative techniques of causing bloodshed...while on the other hand we shall be busy mastering the art of numbing our senses.

what life!!!

NetS said...

I live in abroad I couldn't answer anyone on what the heck your government is doing. if ATS chief is getting killed no one else is safe in the roads. The attacks are becoming consistent! the icon of Indian democracy "The Parliament" was attacked still we kept quiet. Trains were bombed, still we kept quiet. I don't know when this government will stop being "cool" and try to protect its citizen. I wonder what the IB and RAW was doing when someone entered via sea...This government is the most negligent ever in the whole Indian history....

Ms.Crazy said...


I feel with you.Sitting here in a distant country of Kuwait,I cant help either the lump in my throat or the tears in my eyes and also, the seething rage within me at the sheer callousness with which the situation seems to be handled by our so called leaders - throughout the blasts that rocked Bangalore,Guwahati,Mumbai and every other part of the country in the past year.

The images in CNN are heartbreaking.Common people,absolutely innocent lives.Blogs reading desperate calls/attempts made by people to reach out to their loved ones.

Our brave and bright police officers,commandos,true bravehearts,who went down fighting to protect the cause of their countrymen.Dont they too have parents,siblings,wives and kids waiting for them back at home? WHY THE HELL? WHY NOT THE POLITICIANS INSTEAD?

Tell you what Harish,you and the other the others do exactly what you are doing.You are just not aware of the number of prayers that include your name in them for the kindness that you have shown just by having provided so much solace to so many worried souls.I'm sure you are not alone.

KIRTI said...

What is happening in INDIA ???

I read about this blog in Khaleej Times in Abu Dhabi...Since the day(i mean night) i came to know about the terror attacks in Mumbai, not for a minute i have switched off the t.v. n m constantly watching the various news channels... It was really unfortunate to know about it... It is also sad to loose many people including the 3 major officers of various fields... I also feel sad n mostly angry about the continues terror attacks not only in Mumbai, (the bomb blasts in the trains, etc) but in the whole of India... I saw in NDTV how many of them raised their voices against the politicians asking them what answers they have now after knowing that the various army men who came to the rescue of the victims were north indians, south indians,n other indians, they all were INDIANS n only INDIANS... they didnt belong to any religion, caste or community...I also salute Mrs. Karkare who refused to the compensation offered by Narendra Modi...
I m an NRI n my people stay in Mumbai n whenever i have to come to India for my annual vacations, a month before i get all sorts of night mares after knowing about all these type of attacks but then i console myself by thinking that whatever has to happen will happen whether i m here or there in Mumbai... After all after i die i will be carried home, yes, Mumbai, India is my HOME...
I also salute n appreciate Mr. Harish Iyer for this splendid job...Man, I also want to help in whatever way i can... I read in the papers that u made several ISD calls n i m sure u r gonna get a huge amount to be paid when u get ur telephone bill, if i can help financially, whtever i can, please let me know... i'll send u an sms n give my phone no. n other detail...God bless u n whoever helped u in this mission...Take care...MRS. KIRTI...