Friday, 28 November, 2008

Israeli Commandoes In Mumbai

Israeli commandoes have flown in to mumbai to rescue israeli nationals from the nariman house.Israeli commandoes who are known to be very good at handling such kind of situations have been pressed into action immediately.


Galili said...

It is almost 2 am here in Israel, which makes it about 5:15 there. None of the reports from here and we have some pretty good ones report commandos arriving there. I sure hope they have but where is the information from?
Thank you by the way for the blog.

Limin M said...

this news was confirmed by cnn ibn till recently(precisely 4 am ist) but no update thereafter!

Galili said...

It is now morning here and both our daily paper and the New York Times have reported that the building was stormed by Indian commandos.
CNN which I turned on only now is talking of the other two hotels as I write this and I am horrified that so many of the Indian security forces have been killed. My thoughts are with you as this starts to bring back memories of the bravery of the people who serve their countries. It is time that the good citizens of the world say "enough"!

Galili said...

Well.. it is morning here and I have read my daily paper and the NY times online and although there is still a lot of confusion even CNN is now reporting that the commandos who stormed the building were Indian. My heart goes out to the people of India and to the families of those people who risk their lives to keep us safe in each country.
Of course we will now be saying that we should have gone and we are proud of our security forces. Our paper reported a plane load of doctors going over to work with the Indian staff and of course relatives of the people in the Chabad House.

Galili said...

Hey... I think I am watching you on TV I think - about this blog. You are a wonderful person and will not nag you with any further comments. You sound very busy. If I can do anything to help - although can;t imagine what - let me know.