Saturday, 29 November, 2008

Missing: Mr. Rajeev Saraswat

an email that i received:

Thank you for your coverage on-line on the horrendous attacks in

I am concerned about a missing relative. My uncle Mr Rajeev Saraswat (aged 50) is still missing. He was in the Taj on the fourth floor attending a training session at the hotel organised by his employers Hindustan Petroleum.

We know that he was injured - he was wounded in one hand from gunfire, but he has not made any contact since Thursday morning. His cell phone is not being answered, and though we are told by the Taj that he was
taken away and sent to hospital, no-one knows that with certainty and no-one appears able to trace him at present.

His name does not appear anywhere on the lists of the wounded, and none of the hospitals have him registered as being admitted. Even the twitter blogs - as brilliant as they are - do not have his name anywhere and I need help finding him urgently.

We are very concerned about him - I am based in the UK and cannot get any useful information. Are you able to help?

This is on my own behalf and on behalf of all those relatives dealing with the double trauma of this appalling attack as well as lack of news on a missing dear relative.

Please help!

With Profound Grief, I have to inform that we have received an email to confirm. We have Lost Mr.Rajeev Saraswat forever He was hit during the cross firing, R.I.P.


hardik said...

Great Job with the blog.. You made it to the newspaper ! I hope everyone continues their support in such times of difficulty.

Open them said...

"Aham" Iyer, GOD BLess U what u r doing!! If GOD is still living!!!!

U vl remember these sleepless nights after many years whatever u vl do!!!!u made a little bit difference in lives of inspired many of us..

Anonymous said...

thank you aham.. you r an inspiration for us all! these attacks have opened our eyes to the brutal realities of life..n yet i still cant believe this nis happening to india! i pray for our bleeding country..keep it up

Ak_cooldude said...

Great job on the blog dude! May God bless you.
You've helped many out there and you're an inspiration for all of us!

Winnie the poohi said...

Hello :)

I want to show my appreciation for what you have done.. by giving you a blog award here.. do accept it

jb said...

Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit- thank you for the lovely photos

Anadia -Aveiro-Portugal

vinitmehta said...

may Rajeev Saraswat's soul rest in peace

*Aham* said...

Thanks Hardik, yes i made it to teh newspaper and so did the list of the dead and injured. I would have loved to be in news for a happy event but this, I dont know how to react. I just want all of you'll to stay along. Dont let your anger die. Ask real answers from people. It is not congress or BJP... it is WE. I dont see it being any different if the BJP wouldve been in power. remember they brag about HINDUTVA.

finally, Id not lie, Appreciation does help me keep going in these difficult times. When you wipe a hundred tears, your heart tears too. Thank you Hardik.


Yes i will remember these sleepless nights, and will remember them for eternity. Please follow suit, I wouldnt ask you to be like me. Be like yourself. Start an activity, think aloud. Help reinstate faith. I need you. Bombay Needs YOU.


Life is brutal, the evil is a reality. Dont let your conscience sleep. And dont Completely weep. Keep the fire on. Ask for reforms.


Thanks Mate.


Thanks friend. You seem to be from a foreign land. Please understand that BOMBAY LOVES YOU. we are a land where guests are equated to god. And we will open our hearts and our homes for our guests. Dont Hate Us for what the terrorists have done. We need your love. We need you to come to india. We love you. I have started a blog "Bombay Loves You (" to facilitate the same.


Join me in my prayers. God bless you for the great initiative that you had started. I am planning something on similar lines. Will update you when I have concrete plans.