Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Message from British Deputy High Commission:

We are advising those in Mumbai to remain where they are until further notice. Those who are in the affected area outside their hotels are being advised to go to the British Council Library (02222790127) which has been set up as a muster point for British citizens in need of assistance. The area is closed off but we are taking in Brits. Local security is advising against entering the area as they are trying to control the area (partly for us) but those affected can enter. For those in other parts of the city wanting advice on whether to leave, we are advising them to seek local advice from their hotels as to whether they can safely reach the airport and catch flights out of Mumbai. For those who had planned to Mumbai, we are advising against all non-essential travel for the time being. Helpline number are: EMERGENCY NUMBERS: MUMBAI ATTACKS: If you are a British National in Mumbai who has been affected by the attacks and need assistance, please call +91 11 2419 2288. If you are in the UK and concerned about friends or family, please call the FCO Response Centre on +44 207 008 0000.

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