Friday, 28 November, 2008

Nariman House Freed And Secured

Latest reports are that Nariman house has been freed.The official toll of the dead and injured is awaited.last reported 5 hostages have lost their lives.


Double Seven said...

Can you believe it-

Brooklyn Rabbi and Wife Caught in Attacks

His 3 year old son is left orphaned with their cook!!

How disheartening is that?

I feel more disgusted when I was first when I heard about top Mumbai cops being soft targets now when I see this poor cutie pie all-alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


audrey said...

It was a difficult victory though losing out on a number of foreign natives there.............esp. the rabbi and his family really feel bad....

audrey said... the not only the three Sr. cops but to every policeman out there even now fighting

*Aham* said...

i fail to understand why why why... ????

should we be happy that its over or should we be sad because... its all over for so many lives...

actually, the war within our hearts has just began. and we will have to do teh talking now. I hope rationality of teh mind prevails,... when there is this kind of unrest.