Friday, 28 November, 2008

Nariman house update at 19:40 IST

Really sorry to inform that the DG NSG has said 5 hostages at Nariman House have been killed. We grieve the loss. However, let us still hope for the best as the operation at the scene is still on.

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Recusant said...

Thank you Harish. This is a very thoughtful gesture.

Having said prayers for India and all human beings trapped in between the insanity of these criminals from Pakistan and the incompetency of Indian Political machinery.

I am also grateful to Indian Troops who are doing their best bravely when they are asked to risk their lives with such appalling govt/admin/strategic support.

The troops might look inefficient but I would like to state that they are not. Inexcusable Incompetency is coming from those strategists who are bloody foolish Indian Politicians who are not able to even give clear directions to our ground troops.

My heart bleeds for them..and If I had a gun..the first thing i would do is SHOOT RR PATIL our despicable Home Minister and the second thing would be join the battle!

I am sorry India..but we need to think. Personal Opinion..I think we need Narender Modi as PM of INDIA. To hell with CONGRESS. BLOODY EUNUCHS!