Friday, 28 November, 2008

Latest Update

OBEROI : latest we hear, 100 people still in oberoi.
TAJ: Fresh Firing at TAJ
Mumbai CST Railway Station: Under alert, Station Evacuated.


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arnaud said...

From Europe, I wish to express our sympathy to all those caught in the fireline of this horrific event. Since I lived for 4 years in India, I am personally deeply touched by the agony Mumbai and the whole country is going through. I am in continuous touch with all my Indian friends.
In those difficult times, the whole world is watching your country, and it is time to give us all a lesson... India has sadly endured so much harshness in its history that it can cope with such events, get its acts together, and use such an opportunity to bring peace in the region, instead of pointing fingers to Pakistan.

Yes there are rogue fundamentalist elements all over (and probably in the secret services) and yes India and Pakistan are harsh to each other, but this is a great opportunity to work together.

My feeling, knowing the political system in India from the inside, is that it is much easier for the government to point the fingers at outsiders than to take the beat for their own weakness in resolving issues at home: two-speed economy, religious discrimination, lack of vision, self-interest.

You all, Indian citizens, Hindu, Muslims or Christians, have the duty to go beyond this hideous act, and show the world how you can bounce back and work together, putting your Leaders under pressure. Remember, the terrorist's objective is to crush hopes of peace in the subcontinent. Don't let them do!

We are sending you all the support we can.

And I congratulate you for your blog