Saturday, 29 November, 2008

Lets Pray For Sabina

as the final battle goes on. I request all of you to pray for Sabina's Safety. People say that it would be a miracle if she would be alive. Be it so.

Please close your eyes and say it once "Sabina is fine", you never know which angel in heaven is saying Thathastu or BeItSo... and you could be the miracle that is keeping her alive.

I just got a confirmation from Neelam Raj from Times. Sabina Lives with us in our thoughts and spirits. Her soul has departed to heaven, and her body to earth. 


Judi said...

After reading this item about Sabina yesterday, I was really hoping and pulling for her. Tragically,... Our very deepest regrets go to her family and friends.
To all of you at both this and the Mumbai Help site, you're angels for devoting your time and effort to bringing such very important information to those of us who are reading from so far away. THANK YOU.

*Aham* said...

thanks judi... my deepest regret is the incapability of the human soul to bring back the dead alive. We sadly live in a man-eat-man world. dogs hunt for need. we hunt for greed.

My voice said...

A Govt which is afraid to hang Afzal Guru, I very much doubt whether it has the guts to take
Military action against Pakistan.

As expected the Congress govt after the initial hoo-ha and reactions will slowly cool down and go
about their business of minority appeasement, the media will forget the euphoria after some days
Whereas the opposition leaders are carefully treading lest they antagonize their vote bank – and we
The common people are left to our mercy and destiny. We are no longer safe in our country.

Thanks to our neighbours envy whose main goal was destroy our economic achievements and prosperity. For them we have thrown open our seas, road including our trains. W¬e call them here giving them a break in our TV and Film & Music industry. Look what they have done to us. How can we ever trust them??

Then entire media and people are missing the grand point it’s not about condemning our politicians,
Or making rallies to highlight our anguish, we need to eliminate corruption in our society and the government right at the grass-root level. To start with the Ration officer who organises a Ration card for a mere Rs 1000/- to Bangladeshis and Pakistanis and those who are ready to make a Pan card for Rs 100/-. It’s so easy to get domiciled and enjoy the fruits of our country.
W¬e need to destroy this network, and how can such a sophisticated war on Mumbai be done without local help. Instead of wasting energy on the getting those 20 people from Pakistan, have the guts to arrest and destroy the D gang and Muslim network that operates in Mumbai. But if we have Police commissioner like Hassan Gafoor we need no Pakistani enemy, such people are enough to create and thrive the hostile support in the city, he so cleverly dismissed the theory that there was no “local help”. Really who is he kidding?

And Shahrukh who after a long gap did not condemn the act but gave a clever , diplomatic remark!!
Afraid he does not want to upset his popularity in UAE & Pakistan as his movie is about to be released.

What’s wrong with you people, wake up its time to really fight and know the enemy of our motherland. W¬e need to be alert and unless we do not show Pakistan our might aggressively
It will be difficult for every Indian to live peacefully and happily in our country. Enough of debate, media hogwash, talks of peace etc this is not going to help us handle a “Monstrous bad boy of the world called “Pakistan”