Thursday, 27 November, 2008

A Russian Citizen Needs To Be Traced...

My name is Alina, I am looking for Alexander Pakhomov - a Russian citizen, and 3 stewardesses of Aeroflot company - they are now staying at the Traident hotel. My number is +7-916-642-6040. Thank you!

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*Aham* said...

Alina.. An Update an hour back.

Terrorists Trapped Russians in Oberoi
There are three Russians in Trident Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai, that was attacked by terrorists, RBC news agency reported citing Roman Vorobiev, the attaché of Russia’s Consulate General in Mumbai.
According to Vorobiev, Aeroflot’s two cabin attendants and Russia’s resident Alexander Pakhomov are still in their rooms at Trident Oberoi. “We are trying to evacuate them to the Consulate General, but Indian authorities don’t let them leave the rooms for safety reasons,” Vorobiev specified.

Officials of the Consulate General are near Taj Mahal and Trident. Their purpose is to find the location of other Russians that could have been in the hotels, when the terrorists attacked them.

So far, no victims amid the Russians have been reported. Nine Russians that Rosoboronexport sent to Mumbai have been evacuated from Taj Mahal and are currently in the Mumbai office of Russia’s permanent representation in India. Two tourists of Russia that sought help at the Consulate General are there as well. “Eight members of Aeroflot crew have been evacuated from Trident. They are in the Consulate General,” Vorobiev said.