Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

"Where Were You? - The Street Extempore- JOIN IN!

What are you doing on the anniversary of that gory night? It still generates  a chill down my spine when I think of that ominous night. It saddens me to learn that many of us have lived up to the amnesic nature of Mumbai. And it is upon us, few awakened souls, to create an intersting movement for people to participate.

What Is The (Tentative) Plan??
Along with a few friends of mine, id be at different terror spots on 26/11. We will do something very simple. Form a circle of 3-4 people, one of the participants would come in the center and speak about what s/he was doing on 26/29 November 2008. Once s/he finishes, s/he points to a random person in the circle and asks "Where Were You?". Now this person, (who could be amongst us or a bystander who teams up) would come to the center circle and speak about her/is experience on 26-29/11.

Would you like to join in too??? we are waiting. call Harish Iyer on 9833100340 or email him on people.n.nature@gmail.com

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