Wednesday, 25 November, 2009

Where Were You .... on 26/11... Chup Na Raho... join in ...

Lets Speak Up. Lets Join In.

Where Were You??? on 26/11... A reminder of the gory night that was, a platform to vent and to speak up for the cause of 26/11.

Event Plan:

We dont want our activity to in anyway hinder the peace or functioning of the vicinity. We would form a circle of 3-4 people, one of the participants would come in the center and speak about what s/he was doing on 26/29 November 2008. Once s/he finishes, s/he points to a random person in the circle and asks "Where Were You?". Now this person, (who could be amongst us or a bystander who teams up) would come to the center circle and speak about her/is experience on 26-29/11.

What Do We Wish To Achieve?

Mumbai Suffers from Amnesia. We forget too early and too fast. Well, thats what critics think, we think NOT.

Lest we forget, the tragedy of 26/11. Not to corrode our wounds with salt, but to remember and to let people know that the famous Mumbai Spirit cannot be taken for granted.

The results of this campaign would not all be tangible and quantifiable. Whats important is that it starts the internal dialogue... And gets you to think.

We could be cynical and resigned, and sure about changelessness, or initiate and partake in an event that speak up: truly and openly.

So, Will you join us???


Who Is Organizing? Permissions?

This event is a part of the "Chup Na Raho" campaign of the Facebook Group W=A=T=S. (we are the scene) from 8 am- 8pm

W=A=T=S is organizing an exhibition from 8 am in the morning.

here are some details from the discussion board of the W=A=T=S group

"There will be the following set of activities through which YOU can Express Yourselves
• Exhibitions Installation Arts
• Painting Sculptures
• Posters Photographs
• Graffiti Banners
• Street theater Performances
• Extempore performances
• Acoustic Music performances
• Martial Arts "

Though, we are not playing yours and mine here. It is a collective activity. All are free to join us, in person and in spirit.

Should you need information about the artist movement "W=A=T=S" or the other events this young motley group is organizing please feel free to contact Afaque at +91 9969711130

Harish Iyer
+91 9833100340

Moderator: Bridge The Gap

Join in the facebook event here

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